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Funny Christmas Gift Ideas

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One of the best parts about the holiday season is getting to buy gifts for all of your loved ones! Whether it is your family or your friends there is nothing better than finding the perfect gift for someone and watching their face light up as they open it and see what it is. One super fun part about the holidays are gift exchanges, specifically white elephant gift exchanges. You are sure to have a good laugh over some of the funny Christmas gifts that are exchanged. Thinking of funny gifts can be difficult so we have come up with a few that you can get this holiday season!

Melted Snowman

This is the perfect inexpensive and quick funny present. The “Melted Snowman” is a great gift if the price range for how much you can spend is really low. You can even get multiple water bottles and decorate them all! This is also the perfect gift for a teacher to give to his/her students at the end of the semester before they head out for the holidays. 

Dog Selfie Camera Attachment


One thing that is even cuter than a puppy is a cute selfie with a puppy! Taking selfies with your puppy can be quite the challenge. More often than not you end up holding a treat above the camera to get their attention. Why not get a camera attachment to help your friends take the cutest pictures of their dogs this holiday season!

Wine Glass Attachment


If you are looking for that perfect white elephant gift to bring to your gift exchange with your girlfriends look no further. This is the perfect mix of funny yet something that everyone would want. All of your friends have most likely seen it and probably secretly want to try it so why not give one of them a chance.

Funny Ornaments

Funny Ornaments are the perfect gift that you can personalize. You can make the joke specific to the person that you are giving it too so it is even funnier. Often times you can even monogram ornaments so they will forever know that you gave it to them! 

Potty Putter


The potty putter is a classic white elephant gift. It is one of those gifts that you have seen at gift exchanges before but you have never had the chance to actually have one and try it out, and I’m sure many of your friends feel the same way. So why not bring it to your next gift exchange and all your friends can get a good laugh at the great concept!

Snowman Poop


This gift is perfect to give out to a group of kids. They will think it is super fun but will also be super excited about the marshmallows at the same time. You can even pair this with a package of really yummy hot coco. This gift would also go great paired with the melted snowman!

Leg Lamp


You truly cannot go wrong with the classic leg lamp Christmas gift. It is one of those gifts that everyone will find funny. It is also the kind of gift that no matter how many times you have seen the leg lamp or how many you have in various sizes you always want to trade to try to get the leg lamp. It is a Christmas staple.


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