5 Last Minute Mother’s Day Gifts

Did you know the roots of what we now think of as Mother’s Day can be traced back to the ancient Greeks and Romans? They held festivals in honor of the Mother goddesses Rhea and Cybele. However, the clearest modern precedent for Mother’s Day would be the early Christian Festival “Mothering Sunday.” The term “Mother’s Day” did not come into fashion until the last hundred years or so, when a woman named Anna Jarvis held a memorial for her mother at a Church in rural West Virginia in 1908. She kept it up for years after, and it eventually caught on with the rest of the town and later the whole country.

No matter where you are in the world, all cultures show gratitude towards the mother or matriarch figure. The beautiful thing about Mother’s Day is how unifying the basis for the holiday is; it crosses all cultural boundaries and is entirely secular. It is only about celebrating the bond that all humans have with the mother figure in their lives.

We are all busy, so if the day has snuck up on you rather fast, never fear! We know you love your mom. So here are a few great last-minute Mother’s Day Gifts to consider.

Birthstone Necklace

This beautiful and unique necklace would be the perfect last-minute Mother’s Day gift. The petite, matte and gold-plated bird charm is approximately 1.25 inches long and hung on a 16 to 18-inch adjustable chain. This necklace is tasteful and would be perfect for everyday wear. In addition to the bird on a twig design, it can be accentuated with a birthstone for each child to give it a unique touch. The design is subtle yet sharp and could be worn with almost anything. This necklace will also ship in 1-3 business days! Feel free to check out the other necklaces we have in stock as well, just in case one of those stands out to you as well.

All That I am I Owe to My Mother Keepsake Box

Our keepsake boxes are some of our best sellers and for good reason! This Mother’s Day variation of the keepsake box would be a perfect, usable gift that could be enjoyed year round. It’s made of earthenware clay and has the text ‘All that I am I Owe to My Mother’ printed on the lid. The inside of the box reads: ‘Thank You for your unending love, laughter, and support on this day and all the days of my life.’ It’s a beautiful short and sweet message that says more than most paragraphs ever could. The box measures 4x4 inches and 1.5 inches deep and comes with a complimentary gift box. It ships in 1-3 business days, and as always, feel free to ask for a customized message!

A Handmade Card

Remember when you were a kid, and you made a handmade with love and care Mother’s Day card? Well, making cards isn’t just for kids, and it is guaranteed to please the mom figure in your life no matter what age you are. You don’t have to be an artist to come up with a satisfying finished product; it can be as simple as card stock paper, as long as the message comes across, and it’s made with love and care!

Native Plant Bouquet

As long as you’re anywhere in the Northern Hemisphere, its springtime! Everything is growing and blooming, and an always wonderful gift idea this time of year is to gather some of the plants and flowers growing around you and make a bouquet. You don’t have to be a botanist or a forager to do this; just gather a mix of flowering and non-flowering plants together, ferns and daffodils for example, and present them in a vase. This last-minute Mother's Day gift can be thrown together in an afternoon and would be a great pairing with a handmade card.

Gift or Wine Basket

It’s very likely that your mom has made you a lot of food in your lifetime, so why not give that gift back to her? I recommend picking up a small wicker basket at your home décor or thrift store, and filling it with goodies like pastries and chocolate or wine! Whether you make them yourself or pick up a nice selection of things at the store, it’s sure to put a smile on the face of whoever receives this gift.

Every mother deserves love every day of the year, but on this special day, we go a little above and beyond to show that we care, so consider these last-minute Mother's Day gift ideas! They are perfect when you are on a time crunch, but they won’t come off as if you were in a rush. Happy Mother’s Day!

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