5 Practical Wedding Gifts

Thinking of what to give someone for their wedding can be very challenging! Now a day’s it seems like most couples have already been living together and have accumulated a substantial amount of household appliances and necessities. Traditionally most couples  will make a wedding registry with the things that they would like for their wedding on it. Though sometimes this isn’t the case or you are just someone who want to give a more meaningful gift besides a set of dinner plates. It can be very difficult to find that balance between giving them something that is unique and personal but also is practical and something that they will actually use. We have come up with a list of five practical wedding gifts for you!

  1. Flower Girl Basket

This is the perfect gift to a give a couple at a wedding shower! Not only can it be used during the wedding but it also can be a display after the wedding. You are also able to monogram it so they can put it out in their house and it can be used for things like collecting mail. It can even be turned into a vase. A flower girl basket is also the perfect gift if your daughter is the flower girl. It is a great way to not only congratulate the bride and groom but also say thank you for including your daughter in their ceremony.

  1. Blankets

One thing that often gets overlooked when people are thinking of household items to get a new couple are blankets. Blankets are something that every couple will use in the winter as they are snuggled up on the couch at night watching TV. You can also get the blanket embroidered if you want to give it a more personal touch. This is the perfect gift for smaller weddings or weddings where the bride and groom insisted on no gifts. 

  1. Honeymoon Registry

Weddings are a huge expense for couples. They are spending thousands of dollars on this magical night and they want to be able to relax and enjoy being married to each other after it is all said and done. This is why often newlyweds go on honeymoons. A new trend that has come up in recent years is a honeymoon registry. It is a way for guests to give money towards their honeymoon instead of bringing a tangible gift to the wedding. It is the perfect gift because you know they will love it and use it.

  1. Wine Glasses

Wine glasses are a gift that is often put on a registry but isn’t always received in the end. You can never go wrong with giving a couple wine glasses. They are often the go-to glass for gatherings with friends, and often newlyweds throw many get-togethers after their big day! If you want to give a more personal gift then just something they put on their registry but you also want to give them something practical you can always monogram them. Giving a couple a pair of monogramed wine glasses is the perfect way to say congratulations!

  1. Fun Cutting Boards

Fun cutting boards are the perfect wedding gift for the couple that loves to entertain! There are so many different kinds that you can get them, whether you want to get one that is in the shape of their home state or one that has a pull out tray to store knives in! This is also a super practical gift but also isn’t so unique that they will never use it.

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