5 Sympathy Gift Ideas that Aren’t Flowers or Food

Simply put, it’s never easy when a loved one passes. Coping with the death of a family member, a close friend or even a beloved pet is something that almost everyone has experienced. So many of us know what it feels like; one look into the eyes of someone going through this and you can understand their pain. However, we need to do those little things and make those little gestures that show that we care. Giving things is a way we show love, and if someone in your life has recently lost someone, consider giving them one of our unique sympathy gift items. Whoever you have in mind, they need to know that while someone has exited their life, they have truly good people beside them for support during this incredibly difficult time. Whether you can be with them in person or not, give your condolences with these tasteful, original sympathy gift ideas:

Feather Sympathy Gift Ornament

Our best selling sympathy gift item, this beautiful feather ornament is the perfect way to say sorry for your loss. This would make the perfect gift for a friend or coworker. The text on the tag reads: “Feathers are reminders that angels are always near.”

Feathers have long been seen as a symbol of freedom and compassion, and are often associated with the heavens. A white feather can be seen as a gift from an angel during a time of great need, and that’s what we’re trying to offer with this ornament. A small, yet powerful gesture of hope in a time of sadness. This item comes with a gift box and can be customized to your liking.

Cross Votive

To some, candles symbolize the guiding light in the next world, a guide used as your loved one moves on from this life into what lies ahead. A votive, or vigil candle, can be a beautiful symbol of prayer when we suffer the loss of someone we love. A flame is eternal and suggests that the one you have lost isn’t really gone. This sympathy votive is made of earthenware clay and can have your loved one's name printed on the front. The back comes with this text, “There are those who continue to light up the world long after they are gone.”

Although any personalized text can be included. The votive glows from inside when a small candle is lit inside.

Square Tray Sympathy Gift

This beautiful ceramic tray is completely handmade and is one of my favorite items! Unlike some of our other sympathy gift ideas, this can be used daily to hold whatever you like, and thus can be a reminder of a loved one every day. The tray measures just over 5.75x5.75 inches and has a standard text that reads:

“For every joy that passes something beautiful remains.”

You can include a name and date under the saying.

Round Keepsake Box

The round keepsake box is classic and has become one of our most popular items. The sympathy gift variation of the box has a lid that reads: “In memory of a life so beautifully lived, a heart so deeply loved.”

The inside reads “Thinking of you.”

This little box is perfect for keeping small trinkets in and can be a wonderful daily reminder of someone. It comes with a complimentary gift box.

Heart Bowl

This little 4x5 heart bowl is a simple sympathy gift idea that goes a long way. Like the square tray, it is completely handmade, fired in a kiln, glazed and fired again. I personally love this item because a heart, as we all know, is a symbol of love, not death. When we lose someone, we need to think about all the good times and remember that, even though they’re in the past, we have those memories and that is what counts. The heart symbol is love and optimism in the face of hardship, and this bowl is a wonderful reminder of that. The text on the bowl reads: “Those we love don’t go away, they walk beside us every day.”

It comes with a complimentary gift box, and like most of our items, feel free to customize!

It’s the little things in life that go a long way, the small gestures of kindness that make an imprint. We need these little things, we need to know that people care. Sure you can send a bouquet of roses or a casserole, but we like to think sympathy gift ideas like these stand out a bit more and convey a different message. There’s nothing quite like losing someone to remind us how truly precious and fleeting life can be, so live beautifully, love deeply, and give gifts!

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