5 Unique Holiday Housewarming Presents

With the holidays coming to an end and the new year upon us the parties and gatherings are coming to a close. The crazy holidays season is over but some people are still having gatherings so we have come up with 5 unique holiday housewarming gifts to make things easier for you. The last thing on you mind right now should be what to give the hostess of the next party in what seems like a never ending season of parties and gatherings so we are here to help.

 Funny Ornaments

This holiday season you really cannot go wrong with a funny ornament that matches your hostesses’ personality. There are so many types of ornaments out there so it should be easy to find one that you know that your hostess will love! One great thing that you can do if you feel like the gift needs to be more personal you can monogram it. Whether you add the date or a cute saying they are sure to love it!

 Holiday Inspired Dish Towels

One gift that people often don’t think to give are towels. There are so many cute holiday themed hand towels out there that would be a perfect holiday housewarming gift this season. Many people don’t add to their holiday decorations often, let alone replace them, so why not get your hostess a super cute set of decorative hand towels!


A candle or two is the perfect holiday housewarming gift when you are on a budget. There is nothing better than lighting a nice candle on a cold and wet winter day! Be sure to stay away from strong smells just in case that isn’t what the hostess likes. It is better to go with a common or fresh smell that you know they will love!

 Holiday Inspired Dessert Cookbook

One super common housewarming gift around the holidays are cookies. While cookies are great we have an idea for you to bring your gift to the next level. A holiday inspired dessert cook book with a homemade treat from it. By pairing the desert with the cookbook it came from it makes your gift way more personal. This also allows for the hostess to be able to recreate the recipe on her own!

Homemade Gifts

The holiday season can be hard on your finances so don’t break the bank to buy a housewarming gift. One great way to show your gratitude but also save money is to make the gift yourself. There are so many different things that you can make. You can make the candles that we mentioned earlier or you can even make beautiful handmade soaps. Your hostess will love the effort that you put into the gift and it will really show how much you care. Another great gift that you can make is a blanket. No one can ever have to many blankets and there are so many different patterns and colors to choose from so it really matches your hostesses’ décor.


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