5 Ways To Feel Connected While Spending The Holidays Apart

Celebrating the holidays while being miles apart from your loved ones may seem like a challenge! Busy schedules and various interests can make staying in contact and feeling connected tough. From personalized gifts to fun activities, here are five ways to stay connected with your friends and family this Christmas season.

  1. Video Hangouts!

When you can’t be together in person, a simple and effective way to keep in touch with your loved ones is through video calls! Technology has come a long way at bridging gaps and has made maintaining connections easier than ever before. 

These virtual meetups can’t replace a warm embrace but can indeed make the distance seem smaller. 

  1. Curate a Christmas playlist!

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Sharing  music or dedicating songs to your loved one has always been a popular and well-appreciated form of love language!

You could reminisce good times or include hidden love messages through a well-curated playlist filled with Christmas classics!

Whether it’s “All I want for Christmas is you” by Mariah Carey or Jingle Bell Rock by Bobby Helms, these songs will touch the hearts of your friends and family and make them feel special! 

  1.  Photos to remember 

Christmas frame ornaments make great gifts for those spending the holidays away from you.

Make them feel special and the distance smaller by sending them a personalized picture frame, with their favourite picture of yourself or something that has them in the frame too! These frame ornaments can continue to go up every year! 

  1.  Watch a movie together! 

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Sometimes, video calls aren’t enough to get in the groove with the season’s vibes. Here’s how you can take it up a notch: Grab some popcorn or hot chocolate, get into your most comfortable PJ’s and stream your favourite holiday movie with your loved one at the same time as them. You can stream together through Teleparty or any other streaming platform that provides this service!

  1. Gift them a personalized stocking!

You could never go wrong with a Christmas stocking. What’s better than a Christmas stocking? A personalized Christmas stocking! Get your loved one a sweet knit stocking, with their initials inscribed on the ornament, for a personal touch! Every time they stuff their stockings, they’ll think of you! 

Looking for more ways to make your loved one feel special during the holidays? Head over to Susabella’s Holiday Collection to browse some unique gifting options because sometimes, love comes in the form of gifts!

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