50th Anniversary Ideas

Your 50th anniversary is one of the most special occasions post-marriage. It is a day to celebrate not only your eternal love for each other but to share with your friends and family how far you have come as individuals and as an unstoppable pair. So much has changed though out the years but one thing hasn’t, you love for each other. We have come up with some 50th anniversary ideas to help you celebrate! 

Most people decide to celebrate their 50th anniversary with their family and sometimes their friends. It is a great way to celebrate and honor the love that you have had and have built upon over the past 50 years. Every couple wants to celebrate differently. There are so many ways to celebrate but one of the best ways is a fun gathering of all your closest friends and family. Planning everything from live music to speeches from your children is sure to make for an unforgettable night! One great thing to add to the night is a slide show. You and your significant other have made so many memories over the past 50+ years so why not share them. Take this time to soak up the spot light and celebrate your love because it deserves it. Also since it is the ‘Golden Anniversary’ why not stick with a gold theme. Gold and white is a great color combination and is super easy to put together. If a slideshow isn’t for you, you can always print out different photos and put them in gold frames. By creating subtle gold accents in your decorations you will be able to highlight the golden anniversary.

Another great way to celebrate your 50th anniversary is to have a professional photographer do family photos to mark the special occasion. For most families it isn’t very often that the whole family is able to get together so take advantage and get a group shot of your whole family! This is will be something that you will always be able to look back on and not only remember your anniversary but also all the friends and family that you got to spend it with and in the end that is all that matters.

If you aren’t the one celebrating your 50th anniversary but are one of the friends or family members, they hold near and dear to their heart you have the pressure of not only helping plan but also picking out the perfect gift. Finding that perfect gift can be extremely difficult. What better way to say congratulations than a gift that is personalized for them! One great gift to give someone for their golden anniversary is something that highlights the gold theme! By giving them something that is personalized to them and adding that touch will go a long way! You can personalize everything from plates to blankets. It shows how much you care and how much you put into making their day as special as possible. In the end you are there to celebrate them and their love for each other so you want to make it as special as possible for them!


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