7 Fun Holiday Gift Ideas for Teachers

With the first semester of school coming to an end and the holidays quickly approaching it is time to start to think about giving your teacher (or your kids teacher) a special something to say thank you and happy holidays. It is a super nice gesture to give something to the teacher at the end of the semester. They have been working so hard for a month to ensure they are providing the best education possible so saying thank you goes a long way. It can be hard to think of something to get your teacher (or your kids teacher) since most likely you don’t know them on a super personal level so we have come up with a list of seven items to help!


  1. Monogramed Vase for a Teacher

This is the perfect gift to give a teacher that really means a lot to you. It shows how much you appreciate them and that you went out of your way to get them something special. It is also nice because it is something that is nice enough that they can bring home and display so people to see.


  1. Gift Cards

Gift cards are a very common gift to give teacher during the holidays but don’t underestimate it. Teachers love getting gift cards to places like Starbucks, Target, and Barnes and Noble. If you want to give them a gift card but want to make it special you can give it to them in a fun way. For target you can give them a card and say “Thanks for keeping me on Target” or for Starbucks you can put it in a clear Starbucks cup and attach a card that says, “Thanks a latte”.


  1. Apple Ornament

This if the perfect gift if you want to make it more holiday themed. You can even get the ornament monogramed with the date that you were in her class as well as her initials! This gift shows that you put a lot of thought into what you were going to get them.


  1. Flowers

Flowers are the perfect gift if you have more than one teacher that you want to give a gift to each but you are on a budget. Flowers are an inexpensive gift that everyone loves to receive. Try to give them a vase along with the flowers to ensure that they stay fresh.


  1. Mug

A mug is a super fun gift because you can personalize it to the teacher’s personality. There are so many different types of mugs out there so you can hunt and find the one that matches the teacher. You can also get them a bag of coffee or tea to go along with it depending on their preference.


  1. Handmade gifts

Handmade gifts are perfect for elementary school teachers. Not only will the teacher receive a super cute handmade gift from their students but your kids will also learn the importance of giving to others. There are so many different types of crafts that your kids can make so get creative with it!


  1. Thank You Notebook

A “thank you” notebook is a great gift to give a teacher from the whole class. You can have each student write a thank you card for the teacher and put it into a scrapbook. There is no better gift that you can give a teacher than one that is from her students!

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