Baptism Gift Ideas

Getting baptized is very common among various religious groups. It is a time to celebrate with family and friends and show your commitment to your faith. Different religions have baptisms at different ages. Though no matter the age it is such a special time to be with friends and family and celebrate. Often times at baptisms gifts are given to the one being baptized. Many people struggle trying to think of something to give. There are so many different gift options depending on how personal you want your gift to be. Here are five great gift ideas for a baptism!


  1. Bible

A bible is the perfect gift for a baptism and you really can’t go wrong with it! One thing that is great about bibles is that it is a great gift no matter the age. Often times you are even able to monogram the bible to make it more personal if you want. This gift is perfect if you aren’t super close with the person being baptized, but it is also a gift you can make super personal as well!

 2. Jewelry

Jewelry is one of the most common go to baptism gifts. That is because it can be very personal and works well for both genders and all ages. Often times people try to give gifts made of silver for baptisms, so jewelry works great. If it is for a girl, you can always go with the traditional cross pendent on a silver chain. Then for or a boy you can get a ring or a medal. All of which you can monogram with their name and the date of the baptism!

 3. Cross

A cross is a great gift if you don’t want to get them something super common. Many people would assume that a cross is a very common baptism gift but it actually isn’t. Something super special is buying the person getting baptized a monogramed cross they can put on their wall. Whether it will be hanging in their nursery or on the walls of their apartment it will be a constant reminder of such a special day and occasion. Another way to give a cross is as a keepsake item. That way they will always have something to remember the day by.


  1. Monogramed Gifts

Getting them an monogramed gift is one of the most special things you can give them. Since most things can be monogramed you can really have a lot of freedom to personalize it! There is everything from a personalized keepsake box in the shape of a cross to a small box with the Irish blessing on it. You can pick anything that you feel is the most personal for the person getting baptized. Another fun gift you could give them that no one else would is a monogramed ornament! This is perfect especially if they are getting baptized around the holidays.


  1. Photo Album or Scrap Book

One great gift that you can give someone for their baptism is a photo album that you put together or make from scratch! This is one of the most thought out and personal gift that you can give. It shows how much you truly care about the person that is being baptized. You can fill it with photos and memorabilia to signify the occasion. This is a great gift to give after the baptism so you can include things from the actual baptism!

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