Fun gift ideas to celebrate a baby's first Christmas!

There is nothing more special than having a newborn during the holidays. Sure they probably won’t remember it, but it’s a big deal for you! Pull out all the stops from the personalized ornaments to my first Christmas PJ’s to their first stocking! Also don’t forget to take tons of pictures, you will thank yourself later when you look back and have tons of photos of your perfect baby! We have come up with a list of the things that you should get for your little one to celebrate their first Christmas


Baby’s First Christmas PJ’s


There is nothing cuter than your little one bundled up in their “My First Christmas” Pj sitting by the tree on Christmas morning. This is also the perfect time to have a photo op to get tons of fun and cute photos that you can later frame or even make into a scrapbook. There are so many different types of PJ’s that you can get. Though be sure that you get something that they will be comfortable in because you don’t want a cranky baby on Christmas morning.


Baby’s First Christmas Ornament


This is one of the most popular baby’s first Christmas gifts. It is one of those things that they will get to keep for the rest of their life and still put on their tree! You can even personalize it so it has their name on it as well as the year on it. There are so many different types of ornaments as well. You can get a simple on that is just monogramed or one that is fitting for their little personality that is emerging.


Personalized Stocking


Getting them a personalized stocking is a great idea for your little one. They will need a stocking for Santa to fill for years to come so why not get them one personalized for them. That way they will always know which one is theirs on Christmas morning. You can embroider it with their name on it or you can just get one that is super cute but also durable so it will hold up for years to come.


My First Year Frame


A my first year frame is the perfect gift to give to one of your friends that is celebrating their baby’s first Christmas. It is great because it can be given to both the parents as well as the baby. It is a frame that has 13 photos slots. One for every month of the year and one big slot for a nice photo of the baby. A my first year frame Is the perfect thing to put above the baby’s crib because it shows just how much they have grown up!


Hand Print Ornament


A hand print ornament is great if you want to have something that is very personal and cannot be bought at any stores. This way you will always be able to remember how little their hands were that very first Christmas they spent with you. Hand print ornaments are also super fun to make! You can get the whole family in on it and you can all help or even all make one.


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