Not Your Ordinary Cake Toppers

Aside from getting married to the love of your life getting to decide on all the food and the cake at your wedding can be one of the highlights! There are so many different types of cakes out there now a day’s. There is everything from regular wedding cakes to cupcake towers to the so called “naked cakes”. Along with the cakes, wedding cake toppers have changed as well. Everyone is starting to break away from traditional ceramic bride and groom on top of the cake. There are so many fun cake toppers you can use and we have come up with a few to inspire you!



Flowers are one of the biggest wedding décor staples so why not put some on top of your cake as well. You can have the flowers match the ones that you used for the ceremony and the reception to tie it all together. People are even using different types of vases to hold the flowers on top of their cakes!


Personalized Topper


One super cute idea it to get you initials monogramed into a wedding topper so it can be used after the wedding as a great keepsake item. You can get your initials monogramed on the same piece or have two pieces, each having your own initials on them.



If you are having a big wedding your cake topper should be just as big and spectacular. One great topper for this is a set of sparklers. You can light them while you cut the cake which will make for a great photo op!



A new thing that a lot of couples are using for cake toppers are caricatures. Many companies now are making mini caricatures that look like couple that you can put on top of your wedding cake. You can design what you are wearing and doing so it can even match your personality as a couple.



Another great way to show off your personality as a couple through your cake topper is by using a photo. It is super cute to have a photo from your engagement or even just a cute everyday photo of your guys. After the wedding you can frame it and display it in your house.

Dog Saying “I Do Too”

If you and your significant other have a dog that you love as much as a child, you can make him or her a apart of your wedding cake. Many online stores sell figurines of dogs that have signs around their necks that say “I do too” that way your dog can be a part of your big day and your wedding reception too.  



Another very popular wedding cake topper is having a quote cut out. May coupes are getting their favorite short quote cut out and put on top of your cake. It is something that you can even later put into a shadow box along with other things from you wedding a use to decorate your new house that you share together!

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