Our 5 Favorite Christmas Gifts for Dogs

The holidays are fast approaching and the countdown has begun to Christmas morning. There is nothing better than watching your loved ones open the gift that you got for them on Christmas morning. There is one gift that people often forget to buy, the present for your dog! A dog is a girl’s best friends so why wouldn’t you buy something special for them. Dog are super easy to buy for as long as you meet some simple criteria. If it is  tasty, fluffy, or squeaky and they will fore sure love it! We have come up with a list of our 5 favorite Christmas gifts for dogs.

  1. Personalized Dog Bowl

The only thing that your dog loves more than you is food. Most dogs will do anything to get their paws on some “people food”, so why not get them a brand new bowl to hold their prize possession. This is the perfect gift if you have more than one dogs. Often times dogs eat different amounts or have a certain type of food that they have to eat. By having personalized bowls it will make it so much easier on you to make sure the right dog gets the right food! 

  1. Stuffed Animal

This is the perfect classic gift for your pup! You can’t go wrong with the traditional stuffed squirrel for your dog to play with. Stuffed animals come in so many different shapes, sizes, and characters so you are able to get the perfect stuffed animal that fits your dog’s personality. You can even get a stuffed animal that has a squeaker inside to add to the fun!

  1. Treat Dispenser

Don’t you wish you could have a candy dispenser around your house so you can have endless candy? Well now you can get one for your dog. There are so many different types of treat dispensers that would be the perfect gift for your pup this holiday season. Not only will it help you train your dog but your dog will love you even more for giving them endless treats! Some dispensers come with a dispense limit so your dog won’t eat all the treats in one sitting!

  1. Interactive Ball Thrower

If you had to make a list of the top 3 things that dogs love, tennis balls would be on there under you and food. It can often be exhausting throwing the ball over and over again for your puppy, and many people often don’t have time every day to throw the ball for their dog. This is the perfect remedy! Not only will your dog love being able to play fetch whenever they want but you will also have more time in your day to get other things done!

  1. Fancy Collar and Dog Tag

Most dogs only will have one dog tag their whole life. Christmas is the perfect time to get your dog a brand new collar and dog tag. There is no better time to spruce up your dog’s wardrobe then during the holidays!

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