Our Favorite Stocking Stuffers

Christmas is officially only 27 days away, so it is time to start shopping and getting in the holiday spirit!  Shopping for big families can be super difficult especially if your kids aren’t giving you an idea of what they want. Many people often forget about stockings while shopping so we have come up with a list of eight stocking stuffer ideas to help you out this holiday season!


  1. Socks

Socks are super easy to get and are very inexpensive. I think most people have grown up receiving socks in their socking! You can go for the crazy socks and get each member of your family a pair of socks to match their personality. It is super fun to buy the whole family matching socks as well. Though you truly can’t go wrong with the traditional white socks.


  1. Candy

One can never have enough candy so why not shove some into their stockings. It is a super easy and cheap stuffer that your kids will love. This is also something that you can get at any store so you won’t have to go out of your way to get it.


  1. Tea/Coffee

Tea or coffee is a great stocking stuffer for your significant other. There is nothing better than a fresh pot of coffee or a steaming cup of tea so why not give that to someone this holiday season! If you are feeling super festive you can even give them a holiday inspired flavor.


  1. Gift Cards

Small gift cards are ideal for stocking if you don’t really know what else to add. This is where all of those ITunes gift cards you have received over the years come into play. Someone can never have enough ITunes gift cards to why not throw a $5 gift card into the stocking.


  1. Mini Ornament

Mini ornaments are a perfect gift to give to the whole family. It is something that you kids can keep and eventually put on their tree as well. It is a gift that is more thoughtful then most stocking stuffers.


  1. Makeup

You really can’t go wrong with getting your teenage daughter her favorite makeup. Most makeup is small so it will fit perfectly into the stocking as well! They will really appreciate it as well because makeup cåan be on the more expensive side and it is something that runs out pretty often.


  1. Small Toy

This is the perfect stocking stuffer for you little ones. You can even go to the dollar store and pick out a ton of fun small toys to put in their stocking. It is also fun if you individually wrap each toy because then the kids have a ton of presents to open.


  1. Fruit

You kids will for sure be on a sugar high by noon on Christmas day so adding fruit to their stocking is the perfect way to balance out all the sugar they are going to consume. They are also more likely to eat it if they think it came from Santa!

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