The Perfect Engagement Party Presents

It is such a special moment when your significant other pulls out that ring and gets down on one knee. It will be a day that you will remember for the rest of your life and a moment in time that will forever be a special moment that you two share. After the question is popped the real fun begins. You can start planning your big day and all the events that come with it. You have everything from your engagement party to your bachelorette party to look forward to as your wedding day approaches. When it comes to pre-wedding celebrations engagement parties are one of the bigger celebrations that you will have. Many people struggle when it comes to deciding what to get the happy couple. We have come up with a list of 5 perfect engagement party presents to help you out!

  1. Engagement Ornament

With the holidays fast approaching this is the perfect present! It can be hard to get something that isn’t too over the top yet still has a personal touch too it. One great thing to do is to get the ornament monogramed with the couples initials and wedding date or engagement date. That way you are able to get them something other than wine glasses that will truly mean something to them and something that they can keep forever.

  1. Couples Spa Day

Wedding planning can be super stressful and at certain times just down right not fun. A couples spa day is the perfect gift to give a couple so they can have a day to unwind. By giving them a spa day you are giving them a gift that they can spend and enjoy together to really take a moment and appreciate eachother and the love they share.

  1. Photo Album

This is the perfect gift to give a couple if you have known them for a long time. We all have friends that have been dating their significant other for many years and you have been by their side since the first date. A photo album is perfect gift for that couple. Not only will it be a very personal and thought out gift but it will be a throwback for them as well. Be sure to add photos from the very beginning of their relationship to show how much their love has really grown.

  1. Host a Dinner

If you are really close with the couple there is no better gift you can give them then hosting the engagement party for them. They will aready have so much planning that they need to do, so if you host the party for them that is one huge thing they no longer have to think about or plan.

  1. Wine Tasting Tour

Many people often opt to buy couples things like wine glasses and dish towels for engagement parties. While that is a great gift, giving a couple an experience as a gift can really make an impact. One great gift to give a couple is a wine tasting tour. It is something that they can either plan to do before the wedding as a stress reliever or after the wedding to celebrate their marriage!

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