The Perfect Presents for Wine Lovers

Finding the perfect gift for someone can be really difficult. You want your gift to be unique but not so unique that they will never use it. One gift theme you can never go wrong with for an adult that loves to entertain and is always the life of the party is alcohol. When gifting alcohol try to think outside of the box. Anyone can run to the store on their way over to the party and pick out a nice bottle of wine, try to be unique. We have come up with five ideas to give to the wine lover in your life. Each varies in price so they can work for every occasion from a thank you to a birthday present and everything in between.

  1. Wine of the Month Club

This is the perfect gift for any wine connoisseur in your life. It is the definition of the gift that keeps on giving all year long. This is the perfect gift with the holidays coming up. You can sign them up to receive wine all year. Then next year if they love it you can renew it and that is one less person you have to get a present for around the holidays.

  1. Wine Tasting Tour

A wine tasting tour in the ultimate gift for a wine lover. You can make this as big or as small as you want. There are tours offered that cover various vineyards in the same area, and there are some that can go all though Napa. This is a great gift for a new couple. It is something that can go and do to unwind after the craziness of their wedding settles down.

  1. Wine Glass Accessories

Wine glass accessories are perfect for small thank you gifts! One perfect thing to give is simple wine glass charms. It is the one thing that everyone needs! Since they are so small people are constantly losing them and needing to replace them. Wine charms come in so many designs so you are also able to get ones that match their personality or the occasion.

  1. Personalized Wine Glasses

This is the perfect gift to give someone for their wedding. You are able to personalize them in multiple ways! One option is to buy matching glasses and monogram their names on them. Another super cute idea for a wedding is to monogram their wedding date on them. That way they will always think of their beautiful wedding whenever they have a glass of wine. Personalized wine glasses also are perfect for birthdays. It is great for a 21st birthday to celebrate them being able to drink alcohol.

  1. Fancy Bottle Stoppers

If you are looking to give out a small present but want to stay away from wine charms, bottle stopper are the perfect way to go. There are so many different ones out there. You can get everything from a joke topper for your friend on her birthday to a super fancy one with jewels for a more serious occasion.

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