Unique Gifts for Entertaining

With the holidays approaching so are holiday parties! Whether you are the “Hostess with the Mostess” or just someone who is constantly attending holiday parties you will need some great new unique gifts for entertaining! This year try to mix up your decorations and appliances that you are using at your parties! We have come up with a list of 5 unique gift for entertaining that you can use for this holiday season or even gift to the hostess!

Giant Jenga

This is the perfect gift or thing to have at family friendly parties! It is a great way to gather everyone in the same room and have a good laugh. This is the perfect game to keep kids entertained throughout the night! Though no adult will turn down the opportunity to play their childhood game, but life size! It is also perfect for when there is a lull in the party. When you pull out the life size Jenga the party will start up again! 

Chalk Board Food Signs

What better way to tell your guests what food is what then by fun chalk board signs! You can even put fun quotes, sayings, and drawing on them. If you are a super creative person you can attempt to draw the food. Signs become super important at parties with a lot of food. One great place to use signs like this is at the desert table! Especially at holiday dinners there are always tons of different types of pies so signs are a great way to tell your guests what is what.

Personalized Ice Bucket

This is the perfect gift to give someone as a thank you gift for entertaining! It is something that they most likely don’t have but that they could definitely use! By personalizing it to them it shows how much you appreciate them hosting you and bringing everyone together. An ice bucket is also something that the host can even use that night.

Beer and Wine Shadow box

This is the perfect gift for a younger hostess! It is a super fun way to keep bottle caps and corks off the floor while making a decoration out of it. A beer and wine shadow box is also a good gift if you don’t have a lot of money to spend. It is super easy to make on your own. You can even split it and make two boxes, one for wine corks and one for beer bottle caps.

Fun Cutting Boards

Fun cutting boards are the perfect house warming gift for someone who loves to host parties. You can get cutting boards in almost and shape and size. You can even give someone a cutting board in the shape of a state if they just moved. Some cutting boards you are even able to write on. That way you will be able to differentiate which cheese is which. You are even able to get cutting boards that come with a slot for knives or a built in slicer!  


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